This weekend Jonathan Evatt will give teachings in The Original Knowledge of the Mother at the 4th Annual Voices of Sacred Earth Festival at Kawai Purapura in Auckland. The Festival is a gathering with indigenous wisdom keepers, elders and ceremonial leaders, healers, teachers and facilitators, artists and performers, visionaries and caretakers in collaboration of their knowledge and wisdom. Go to for more information about the festival.

Here is the information about the talks, we hope to see you there!


Kogi Message from the Heart of the World

5pm Saturday @ The Pagoda

What if there were a civilisation of ancient indigenous spiritual masters living on Earth today? People still fully attuned to the original spiritual wisdom and organising intelligence of the Great Mother, carefully protected for thousands of years? At the beginning of time humanity received from the Divine what the Kogi people of Columbia refer to as The Original Knowledge of the Mother—Ancient codes of behaviour they have protected & kept pure to this very day. This timeless wisdom puts all other knowledge, traditions, paths, and spirituality into a freshly profound and meaningful perspective.


Awakening into the Heart of the World

11am Sunday @ The Pagoda

Where do you turn for the Truth? We’re in an Age of profound revelation, yet surrounded by that which is false, misdirected, and invented by Man for millennia. Life is calling you to reawaken to That which is real and true; to the very Heart of Life, within you now.

At the beginning of time humanity received from the Divine Mother her Original Knowledge—ancient codes of living wisdom for each human soul to life by. In this session you will receive an introduction to the spiritual art of re-awakening into the Heart of the World & of recovering the living memory of exactly why you, as Spirit, are here in Earth.

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