Our intention

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa was founded with the following intentions:

    1. To help restore within humanity—individually and collectively—a sensible, healthy, and heart-felt appreciation of the natural world as a living and intelligent Being. Not a Being separate from Man, or even something which we are within. Rather, a Being which humanity is a unique and living of. We recognise each human being is a unit of Life within the living Earth—much like a living cell in your body. As it is with all living Beings, every cell within that Being has a particular function. So it is with Man.
    2. To promote the Original Life Principles of holistic living and being. These principles are found at the root of all cultures, races, and original peoples (such as the indigenous races). They provide us with a rich and complete—and yet dynamically evolving—tapestry of Wisdom, and clear instruction on how we may each live in this world, not just sustainably and intelligently, but also as co-creators with the Living Earth.
    3. To help foster and spread an holistic and life-giving approach to many of the core aspects of what is required to live sustainably on this Earth.
      This may include research and education programs in many of the following areas:

      • Natural, healthy, sustainable, and non-polluting buildings, including living buildings that holistically integrate into their environment.
      • Renewable and non-polluting sources of energy.
      • Promote and provide education about new and up-coming alternatives to many of the petrochemical derived fuels, materials, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals in wide and yet unsustainable use in today’s world.
    4. To play a fundamental role in the restoration of the living wisdom of sacred reciprocity, as known to indigenous cultures around the world. We especially draw from our close affiliation with the pre-Columbian civilisation of the Kogi people, who reside in the high Santa Marta de Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia.
    5. To play a fundamental role in the recovery and restoration of Man’s participatory relationship with the Earth as a conscious, living Being.
    6. To restore Man’s relationship with each other, as conscious, dignified beings who represent the integrated trinity of Body, Mind (or psyche/soul), and Spirit (pure conscious awareness).
    7. To be actively involved in the restoration and development of indigenous, esoteric, and contemporary techniques and technologies—all of which make up the collective heritage and wisdom of humanity—that may be skillfully utilised in the recovery and cultivation of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and harmonisation. We recognise each human Being is responsible for their unique and particular state of consciousness, and how we each conduct and hold ourselves in the world; what we leave behind us; and the ripples of thought, emotion, and physical repercussions we generate around us. Despite modern society’s attempts to make us believe and feel otherwise, we are not boats aimlessly adrift on a vast ocean without sail, sextant, compass, and maps. Humanity is collectively in possession of immense wisdom, generated and sustained over eons of time and immeasurable experience. We intend to collect and promote all such wisdom that is of relevance and practical value to humanity in the world as it stands today and in the foreseeable future.

Human Beings and
the Earth

There was once a time when human beings existed in sacred relationship with the Earth and all Creation. We would feed, nourish, and harmonise, in consciousness, all that that was life-affirming.

That time is now.

About Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa has been created to bring the awareness of all inhabitants of our planet Earth the underlying causes and reasons which have ultimately produced the undeniably critical situation humanity has arrived at, possibly to a point of no return. The unprecedented situation humans are facing right now, and the global disorder and disharmony that has reached all levels and status of our society, is so real, harsh and threatening that it is impossible to deny or to pretend to be oblivious about it. Over recent decades, many causes and reasons have been exposed as to why humans have arrived at such a dangerous and critical situation. Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa is a non-profit/charitable organisation dedicated to the restoration and proliferation of the Original Wise Ways innately known to all human beings courageous enough to live with Heart. Most indigenous and pre-Christian-conquest cultures and civilisations actively recognised and lived according to these Wise Ways of the Heart.

Our Sacred Allies

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa works in close alliance and a deep association with the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation in the United States. By virtue of this alliance our activities are in close alliance and affiliation with the Kogi Elders of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in Colombia. The Kogi are one of, if not the only, last remaining and in-tact tribe of pre-Colombian indigenous people who live in full conscious awareness of what they refer to as the Original Wisdom of the Divine Mother, of our Great Mother and Earth. They attune most particularly to what they call Aluna, which essentially refers to the Mind of the Mother, or

the original creative dimension in which all physical phenomena are formulated and subsequently arise into manifest reality.