What we stand for

The energetic integrity and fundamental balance of the planet—which in the Kogi view is growing weaker and weaker—has been terribly torn apart. This damage is the result of many destructive and irresponsible activities of so many people on a personal level, and of the multi-national corporates with their so-called “mega-projects,” carried out in the name of progress.  Many of these projects have proven to only leave behind inestimable misery, degradation, disorder, disease and death. One way or another, we are each affected by this. This reflects how closely we are all woven together. Our inter-dependence means we must suffer the effects of each others’ life choices. The most important rivers of the world have been hijacked and taken out of their natural course, to develop devastating projects. We do this in the name of money, and this has created tremendous impacts upon the natural patterns of weather and the behavior of Nature.

Man and Sun

It is known that oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and jungles—all of which formed naturally over millions of years—regulate the weather and the bio-eco-environment of the planet. To the Kogi it is also known the current rapid destruction and damaging of these natural elements will affect the integrity and balance of everything in our world, and beyond. This, in turn, will define the fate of humans and all living forms, and our collective sustenance and survival on Earth. Damage caused to the delicate balance in any environment affects the harmony of the whole planet, and is a global disaster.

With a population fast approaching 8 billion, humanity has relatively few people doing all they can to repair, revitalize, balance and re-harmonize the underlying damage of the Earth. This damage is most essentially spiritual and energetic in nature. On the other hand, billions of ignorant, blind, oblivious and greedy consumers have been rendered incapable of correlating their personal day-to-day choices to the global destruction and disaster readily apparent all around them. All of this is insidiously and blatantly promoted by profit-making corporations which cater to consumer comforts, leading billions of people on a path of self-extinction. Adding fuel to this raging fire is the fact a majority of people are convinced that sufficient pseudo-science, new technology, faster progress, economic growth, and additional money will all somehow take care of the problem…

Yet, nothing is further from the truth.

The Original Knowledge

The Kogi Mamas, highly trained “shamans” indigenous to Colombia, are among the very few truly conscious people who clearly see the dramatic reality of the human race. For many decades they have seen how humanity’s fate is now hanging over a deep abyss. The Mamas are the wise Elder Brothers of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia. They are masters in applying the “Original Wisdom” of how to keep the fundamental balance of our Creation. The Elder Mamas, and our guiding mentor and spiritual overseer Koginka Kamaru Xue (Mama Nuiyuan), know that planetary imbalance is not created by some distant and supernatural or cosmological cause. Rather, it is caused by the quality of energy billions of humans produce daily, and the devastation created by our insatiable demands for comfort and convenience. This, in turn, has created an artificial and crazy all-consuming civilization with little regard for the source that sustains us. Such folly will lead humanity to an unavoidable extinction. Great damage has been done, and we all are responsible by failing to hold fundamental consciousness, dignity and integrity.  The solution is not outside of us. It’s not in the hands of the politicians, financial institutions, human manipulated religions, or materialist scientists.

The solution depends on whether or not human beings can finally hold consciousness and light again.

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa is here for that critical and vital purpose. Our founder has learned through intensive training with his mentor—who for the last 18 years has silently worked in service with Kogi Mama Jacinto and other Earth caretakers—that without returning to the application of the “Original Knowledge” revealed directly by the Creating Mother, ALUNA, the human race will face a devastating tragic end.

We are committed to do what is necessary to support and help all those that are wise and conscious in the essential care of our only Planet Earth. Our purpose is to aid human beings to become conscious in recognizing that the balance, order, and harmony of this planet depends greatly upon their actions; and, to see that our greed and self-centredness is leading us down the same path as many great civilizations before us, who also created their own self-destruction.