Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa will develop and support one, or more, intentional communities within Aotearoa / New Zealand. Community-sustainable, ecologically sound living environments, in which people with heart and a passion for the holism of Life can live, co-create, co-support, and engage in a common purpose of restoring balance in the natural environment we are members of.

Modern society has many of us living in such disparity and each-for-themselves individualism that it renders us anonymous to our fellow humans. Genuine social cohesion is lost, herd-mentality dominates and, in order to enforce some semblance of control over this mad state of affairs, we mistakenly look to self-serving corporate aligned Governments for leadership and solutions. It’s not hard to see that it’s all a bit of a charade. One effect of this corporate-political-social charade is the breakdown and loss of sacred alliances, of core common and life-affirming values, of common purpose, and of meaningful co-creation. Society has become as spiritually vacuous as the empty money and heartless notions of “progress” and “growth” it ardently strives for.