Pilgrimage for Aotearoa 2018

Each year I do a pilgrimage, by car and foot, to specific sacred sites around Aotearoa. It usually starts with, or at least includes, 9 days in Tāmaki region (greater Auckland), working with the many volcanoes and other special sites in that space. From there I head south through many regions of the North Island and then a big figure-eight loop way down south, not far from Invercargill at the southern tip of the South Island, and from there north again.

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The role and importance of sacred sites

What is the important role and significance of sacred sites? What are sacred sites, and what’s Man’s traditional way of relating to them? If these are questions on your mind, this article shares some new yet ancient perspectives.

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Protecting the Earth’s natural sacred sites

Read about the upcoming journey to restore the sacred sites of America, why that plays an important role for New Zealand and the whole Earth, how Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa is involved and what YOU can do to support the work.

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