Our Commitment

The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa has committed to:

  • Establishing a School of Holistic Education and Integral Learning, within Aotearoa (New Zealand)
  • Develop one or more education centres in New Zealand for the School.
  • Support the establishment of such schools internationally through the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation (USA).

These schools will be established under the wise guidance and holistic teachings of Mama Koginka K’Amaru Xue, a spiritual Maestro from Columbia dedicated to the restoration of Divine Mother consciousness on Earth. They shall serve as centres for the revival of spiritual awareness and body-mind-spirit integration. We will pass on the ancient ancestral wisdom of right-living. This is our spiritual and ancestral heritage as human beings. The education we provide is aimed at drawing forth and actualising the innate skills and genius of the student on all levels—from the most practical, through to the most subtle and sublime. We are passing on the timeless wisdom of how Man (male/female) can again be the spiritual and physical care-takers of the Earth, just as we were designed and intended to be.

Andean Maestro Koginka K'Amaru Xue


The psychic, mental, and spiritual changes the Earth is demanding from Man at this time, calls for a fundamental reorientation. A complete reorganisation of our way of being and our approach to life. The necessary result is for the rational mind to be the self-less and devoted servant to the Heart—to the Spirit, to our higher consciousness. Such a transformation requires a form of education best described as integral and holistic. To truly educate—derived from Latin educare, meaning ‘to draw or lead out’ (that which is within)—it is necessary to address the whole being of Man. We are at a time when the fundamental and essential nature of Man, and of what Life is demanding we become, is as foreign and unimaginable to us as the butterfly is to the caterpillar. Much like the caterpillar, we have in a way created our own grave. We are now tightly bound in the chrysalis-like confines of our own instinctual and unconscious impulses, and metamorphosis is underway.


Are you interested in receiving authentic training in the original Andean and indigenous arts of spiritual ecology and self-mastery?

More information may be available on our page on Training. Otherwise, please contact Jonathan Evatt with your enquiry.

Holistic solutions for a fragmented world

We live in a time when only holistic and integral solutions are the only adequate response to humanity’s many challenges. What is the meaning of holism, and why is it more important today than ever before?

Holism (from Greek ὅλος holos “all, whole, entire”) is the idea that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, spiritual, linguistic, etc.) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not as collections of parts. This often includes the view that systems function as wholes and that their functioning cannot be fully understood solely in terms of their component parts.[1]Oshry, Barry (2008), Seeing Systems: Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life, Berrett-Koehler[2]Auyang, Sunny Y (1999), Foundations of Complex-system Theories: in Economics, Evolutionary Biology, and Statistical Physics, Cambridge University ...continue Holism is a form of anti-reductionism, which may be seen as the complement of reductionism. Reductionism analyses a complex system by subdivision or reduction to more fundamental parts. For example, the processes of biology are reducible to chemistry, and the laws of chemistry are explained by physics. Social scientist and physician Nicholas A.Christakis explains that “for the last few centuries, the Cartesian project in science has been to break matter down into ever smaller bits, in the pursuit of understanding. And this works, to some extent… but putting things back together in order to understand them is harder, and typically comes later in the development of a scientist or in the development of science.[3]Christakis, Nicholas A (2011), Shorthand abstractions and the cognitive toolkit, Edge

[Source: www.wikipedia.com, with modifications to the original text]

The development of rational and reductionistic thought was a necessary step in the evolution of consciousness, as expressed and realised through Man over the course of time. We have, however, reached a point where the only logical and sensible deduction that same reductionistic approach to Life can arrive at is that,

something absolutely fundamental and integral to our entire way of life must change.

The many life-degrading effects of our collective actions—the net effect of humanity’s modern way of living—pandemic in today’s world, are the demand for such a change. Not change in the common sense of linear progress and development,

Life demands so much more from us than mere alteration and modification

but change in the absolutely transformational sense of the word. It is akin to the metamorphic transformation of a caterpillar whilst tightly wrapped in the confines of its chrysalis. The caterpillar has no idea of the changes that await it. She simply responds, instinctively and unconsciously, to the particular and exacting internal and environmental conditions she experiences, and sets about constructing what is essentially her grave. It is, however, a grave from which she will—if all goes according to Life’s great plan—be resurrected. She will emerge in an utterly different form from the one she had known her entire life so far. Such a transformation is holistic, and it is integral to the life of the caterpillar-butterfly. It is an essential element or stage in the life of the caterpillar, for the fulfilment of its purpose.

Holistic education is, at its heart, truely self-education. The process through which Man consciously and intentionally brings forth his and her own true and as-of-yet unrealised physical, mental, and spiritual potential. The role of the educator is like that of a wise gardener carefully tending to ancient heirloom seeds set down before her. She provides them with the right balance of water, warmth, and any other essential elements. The potential bound within the confines of the seed emerges naturally. Integral learning is a process of remembering that which is essential and original to LIFE. It is the process of re-cognising that which is necessary for our own completion—on all levels, holistically. It enables a complete and intelligent relationship to LIFE, to each other, and to the beloved Earth. Only when Man knows him or herself in an holistic way, will we then be able to relate to LIFE and the planet in a way that appreciates and supports wholeness. This makes possible a relationship based on that which is efficacious to life. This is co-creation.

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