Spiritual Training

The Path of Mastery

Mastery of any significant and complex skill, science, or art requires training. In most, if not all, cultures this fact is historically and universally recognised. To master Kung Fu, it is best you train with a Kung Fu master. To master painting, it would be wise and prudent to study with a master painter. To learn the art of house construction or furniture making, become an apprentice with a master builder.

Spiritual mastery is no exception to this rule

If you intend to master your spirit and the correct use of your power, it would be foolish to go at it alone. Spiritual mastery can’t be attained from books, web sites, or videos, or from attending a plethora of disjointed “spiritual workshops.” Spiritual mastery is a serious undertaking. It is more serious and more perilous than attempting to master any other skill, art, or science. Such a rigorous undertaking requires initiation and masterful guidance.

The Pathless Way

According to the Original Living Wisdom, spiritual self-mastery is a pathless process. Pathless in the sense there is no fixed and universal path or method. You, and your own living Heart or Spirit, are the path. Thus, the nature of your particular journey is unique to you.

Make no mistake…

This does not mean it is a process free of rules, laws, or codes of behaviour. Look around… Nature does not function without order. Like every process in nature, the living process of you working yourself into the world as a spirit must adhere to precise laws—let’s call them principles. Like the so-called “laws of nature,” these are not authoritarian, nor are they beliefs. We are dealing with spiritual facts. These life-affirming principles are utterly self-evident to those who have the spiritual eyes with which to see. Until we have reached a certain degree of mastery, we have not developed those eyes, and so we are either completely blind or at least partially blind-sided. This, in part, is why spiritual training is so vitally important.

What we offer

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa facilitates authentic and rigorous training programs in the ancient Andean spiritual arts of South America, as preserved in Columbia. This is unique training in the Original Living Wisdom passed to Man in the beginning. Humanity was not simply let loose on the Earth, to haphazardly figure out how to co-exist with the rest of creation. That’s not how nature operates.

In the beginning Man received precise instruction on how to function harmoniously and consciously with the living Earth. That includes precise instruction on how to recover our spiritual bearing in the likely event we become lost, and instruction on how to not lose ourselves in the first place.

If you have a genuine heart-felt interest in restoring the dignity and originality of your soul; if you feel called to deeply know yourself as a living spirit, and to uncover your unique function as a spirit in Creation, our training programs may be exactly what you are looking for.

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