By the people, for the people

Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa is actively seeking people, organisations, and philanthropists interested in supporting us in restoring ecological balance, human dignity, and greater consciousness within humanity (full details of our Cause can be read here). Being a registered New Zealand charity, all monetary donations from New Zealand tax payers are tax deductible. Donations can be made by credit card, Paypal, or direct bank transfer. For larger donations, bank transfer is recommended.

Stage One


2014 to 2018 Establishment Costs

Amount needed for basic establishment costs (NZD / NZ$)

Donations received for establishment costs (NZD / NZ$)

These funds have covered legal and professional expenses, I.T. expenses, purchase of a vehicle suitable for pilgrimage to sacred sites throughout New Zealand, all other administrative costs. All remainder will go toward the costs of purchasing land, and ongoing general expenses.

Donations / Reciprocity / Koha

Our work in New Zealand and for New Zealand greatly depends on the generous support of people who feel deeply the importance and uniqueness of our mission.

All donations are tax deductible in New Zealand, if you request a receipt.

Donations can be made by bank transfer to:

Name: Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa
Bank: Kiwibank
Account #: 38-9016-0518112-01

Donate Online

(for international donors, and NZ credit card donations)

Please which currency you wish to donate in. If your local currency is not in the list, please use New Zealand dollars.

Donating through Paypal
(we prefer the above methods whenever possible)

Stage Two

2018 to 2020 Holistic Education Centre

Funding for land & facilities, initial cost estimate (NZD / NZ$)

Gifts of Land for Preservation

We actively work to spiritually and ecologically restore, protect, and sustain parcels of land within Aotearoa / New Zealand. These become concentrated sites of right-relationship and sacred reciprocity with nature as expressed and organised in that region. The surrounding area benefits in a great many ways from these sites being established and maintained. Once we take on a piece of land in this way, it’s held in perpetuity. Never to be sold, commercialised, spoiled, or neglected.

If you have land you might like to have held in such a way, and for it to be taken care of by people deeply trained and initiated in the indigenous art and science of spiritual ecology and sacred reciprocity, please make contact with us to discus your needs.